ASMP: Week 4

hello lovely people. we have made it to week four.

this week: feeling out of form, breaking the line, and repetition! repetition!

here are a few lines that i liked/a few things i learned from this week’s reading

the symbol (*) indicates a favorite

“Summer David. Coastal David.”, “David / untouched. I still don’t know what to do with his hands.” – “Elegy” by Corey V. Landingham

good poetry means having a good foundation of the basics (meter, rhyme, etc.). practice = isolating a technique for study & engaging it with difficulty. best way to practice: write in a traditional form. good rhyming = natural, not forced, surprising yet easy to read. – Why Write in Form?

“My sister died”, “they beat me”, “I fell / to the floor” – “100 Bells” by Tarfia Faizullah*

“When my mother’s voice breaks, she says marriage / and it sounds like cage” – “Trigger” by Anna Meister

“The children, the veal, they stand very still because the tenderness depends on how little the world touches you” – “Trevor” by Ocean Vuong

“That summer, there was no girl left in me” – “Solitaire” by Deborah Landau

“Silence came first”, “the rich, sobbing, were dragged down from their terraces” – “Accepting the Disaster” by Joshua Mehigan

“And yes, you want it to stop, you want the black child pushed to the ground to be seen, to be helped to his feet and be brushed off, not brushed off by the person that did not see him, has never see him, has perhaps never seen anyone who is not a reflection of himself” – “Citizen : ‘You are in the dark, in the car…'” by Claudia Rankine*

“Once he tried to run my mother over with his car in her own driveway. She never told anyone about it–the police never believed–but I saw it happen.”, “I have built villages around his absence.” – “George Clark Across the United States” by Lauren Clark*

“He was so charming–pointed out planets, ghost / galaxies, an ellipsis / of ants on the wall”, “I throw away my half-finished letters to him in / my tiny pink wastebasket, but / my aim is no good. The floor is scattered with / fine hazards, declarations unread” – “Red Ghazal” by Aimee Nezhukumatahil*

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