Life Through Lines

i abhor math, but if there’s anything it has taught me, it’s how to graph. which has finally come in handy today. yay.

my wonderful friend zoya did something similar like this recently on her email updates, so i thought i’d take this concept & put my own twist on it. it’s very interesting & fun, i discovered, while graphing. like another way to examine your life. a new perspective, perhaps.

note that there are a few pictures with a “10” instead of a “12” on the x-axis. yikes. ignore them. apparently, my brain is still not completely awake yet.

please take these graphs with a hefty dose of salt & silliness. they are not 100% accurate.


i’m sure my companions will get a kick out of this, considering how much they tease me about it.
maybe after encountering it multiple times, you naturally start avoiding it
the y-axis reads, “intensity of reaction whenever someone calls herself/himself ‘fat’ when she/he is not really ‘fat'”
appreciation of music. mm. it’s been a rough on & off relationship.
not very surprised. it sort of mirrors the graph i did for frequency of fights with my sister.
self-explanatory. the older you get, the more you realize how fake the world is. then you start pulling the people who really matter closer to you.
surprising, i realize. in the beginning, i never really liked poetry. i found it too difficult & complicated to understand. for a long time, i’d “tie the poem to a chair with rope / and torture a confession out of it”, “beating it with a hose / to find out what it really means”, as written by Billy Collins. i think we’ve all done that to a poem at some point in our lives.
ah. those teenage years.
also mirrors my growing appreciation for laughter, especially during unwanted times.
the one and only graph. it’s practically iconic by now. how could i leave it out?

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