ASMP: Week 2


week two: you vs your speaker. no peer mentor review due this week, but there is one due on the eighth. also had to submit my first poem this thursday. based on a glass cage of hummingbirds from the museum of civilization in quebec, canada. nervous. excited. everyone is so talented. augh.

here are some of my favorite parts from the assigned reading:

the symbol (*) indicates a favorite

“what is colorless / is not innocent nor safe” – “Epithalamium” by Shelley Wong

“I look for words in the dark”, “We cannot last forever” – “Birthday” by Richie Hofmann*

“I am the horse that runs” – “Self Portrait as Frida Kahlo” by Shelley Wong

“When you explore your own life in poetry, it’s useful to remember that nobody really cares”, “If you want a readers’ attention, you’ve got to be interesting”, “The page is a kind of stage” – Me, Myself, & I by Addonizio

“Some sentences escape me”, “I should take the sun and throw it” – “Marie Curie” by Tyler Mills

“Stone soldier, it’s okay now”, “It’s October, but it’s not October / behind your ears, which don’t hint / of dark birds”, “you head at my shoulder, my fingers on your lips — / as if the cool of your stone curls were the cool / of an evening / as if you were about to eat salt from my hand.” – “Touch Gallery: Joan of Arc” – by Mary Szybist*

“Because the poem ends on the page, but it begins off the page, it begins in the mind”, “But the poem, not matter how full of possibility, has to exist! To conduct oneself, to behave… to pretend, feign, impersonate”, “the lines of a poem are speaking to each other, not you to them or they to you”, “a poem is consequence of its origins” – On Beginnings by Mary Ruefle*

3 ways to finish any piece of writing:

  • ending will have the last word
  • ending will be silent
  • ending will execute a pirouette (do something wholly unexpected)

“The poem is an interpretation of weird theatrical shit” – the poet Ralph Angel

i like that last quote. it’s funny.

here are some random thoughts/things from this week:

  1. knees are weird. yes or no? I’ve also never liked my own knees, partly because they contain the scars that never faded from scraping the concrete ground when i was younger.
  2. I’ve been noticing how much my manner of speech is influenced by works of Jane Austen, Starfire from Teen Titans (animated), and my own weird twist on all of that. curious: what/who influences the way you talk?
  3. the word “artichoke” is very fun to say. the crunchy, light “ti” sound makes me feel as if I’m flying off the edge of a mountain, and the sharp, hard “k” sound is like suddenly slamming into a wall (it’s a bit morbid, but bear with me here, please). so is the world “jalapeno” when pronounced as “jeh-LA-peh-no”. Not sure why, but it is.
  4. my mentor suggests for me to be nicer with poetry/words, given how “violent” I (and many others) associate violent words with success/nice things (ex: “I’m killing it). So instead of “vomiting out sunshine unicorn rainbows”, I’m going to try and “coax” with poetry this week. I haven’t exactly figured out how to do that, but I’ll let you know how that goes.

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