hi there. here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

one | why do I write? as Gloria Naylor said, The truth, the unvarnished truth, is that I haven’t a clue. luckily, others do.

Because I love words and stories so much. Because I would be grief-stricken every day of my life if I couldn’t write. Because I’m obsessed and compelled. Because I’d be utterly useless at anything else.  Jennifer Donnelly

You write because you need to write, or because you hope someone will listen or because writing will mend something broken inside you or bring something back to life.  Joanne Harris

I write because I want to end my loneliness.  Jonathan Safran Foer

In writing, in my world, I can show everybody what justice, peace, love, compassion and bravery are.  Anonymous

I write to explore all the things I am afraid of. Joss Whedon

two | eyeliner is quite difficult to master despite having a steady hand. more practice is needed. it’s not so much for self-beautification, but rather the knowledge & skill so that in the future, i’m not totally clueless.

three | after five months of a title-less novel, it has finally come out of its hiding place (!!!). you little scoundrel. introducing lost girls, an unfinished novel in desperate need of completion & revision.

four | I love “a little bird I am,” but my favorite lines would have to be, Well pleased a prisoner to be / Because my God, it pleaseth TheeHe caught and bound my wandering wing / But still He bends to hear me singAnd though my notes were e’er so rude, / Thou wouldst not hear the less; / Because Thou knowest as they fall, / That love, sweet love, inspires them all. 

it is comforting to know that despite the hardships & sufferings one must endure, with Him, there is subtle joy, calming peace, & freedom of the mind.

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