earlier this week, I didn’t think it would get any harder. and then today hit me in the face. yet this afternoon, as I was about to enter my home, I noticed that the flowers on my front yard blossomed.

I’d like to say we have the prettiest flowers on the block, but some of my neighbors would object, so I won’t. however, I will say they’re one of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen, with lush, green leaves and cherry-red petals, delicately unfurling, one by one.

interestingly, they bloom later than most flowering trees and bushes. but perhaps it’s also an advantage, for when they finally enter into the world, they step out on a glittering carpet with all the flashing cameras.

I’d also like to point out how among themselves, they’re all at different stages. one is ready to wow the world while another is still a bit shy, although it has taken a few daring steps to show its petals. and, of course, there are always the ones late, but i can understand. it must be very warm, cocooned inside the sepals. or maybe, it’s trying to muster up the courage to reveal itself tomorrow. we’ll see. but there’s no rush.

I guess my point is, we’re all at different stages in life. wherever you are in life, take time to breathe in deeply, do what makes you happy, and enjoy life at that state.

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